Saturday, March 20, 2010

Improve The Soil With Organic Substance

Individual Speech of IV English Class

Name : Dwiyantores

NIM : 20080210018

Major : Agroteknologi

Improve The Soil With Organic Substance

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Good morning Ladies and Gentleman.

Do you know that the land is bad to day? Do you know that the land is broken down by the chemical things which you had added? The soil is very bad to the environmental aspect, to agricultural production, and bad for your health.

The soil is in the problem. The core problem is in the structure of the soil. It is bad because of the use of the chemical product. What you have to do is to use Organic substance to repair it. I want to explain on how Organic substance can improve the soil quality.

Firstly, Organic substance repairs the soil water hold capacity. Soil water hold capacity can destroyed by less of plant on that land and less of water containing. Its to be an erotion. Organic subtance is one compound which can handle particle of soil. It is increasing the soil water hold capacity, so that water, nutrien compound and soil particle have good covered.

(Budiyanto, G., 2009)

Secondly, the soil will have more biodiversity with organic Substance adding. Organic substance contain a lot of microorganism. Budiyanto said that any kind of Organic substance have approximately 10% of organism. Organism in the soil is very useful. They repair the structure of the soil and help the nutrition for the plant to be available, because some nutrition compound are not available. Nitrogen is in the air and majority of Phosphor are in absorbed area so the plant unable to absorb them. It need organism to make them to available.

Thirdly, Organic substance will give more air space in the soil. Soil have heavy structure because chemical fertilizer and less of organic substance. Phospor which containing in the Chemical fertilizer is a compound which easy to make soil be heavy struture. This is bad stucture because soil have a little space of air, so the plant unable to breath normally and it could be less of biodiversity. Plant need to breath enough so they can do photosintesys goodly and some microorganism need to breathing for their metabolism. If plant can do photosintesys goodly and microorganism life well, its would be perfect system of suistainable agriculture.

Fourthly, the soil will be more softly and easy to manage it. Adding the organic compound make equal containt of normal/ideal structure as good assoil structure. Root of the plant will easy to adsorb and growth up in the soil which have normal organic substance.The root of the plant easy to hand and fill comfortable. So the plant get easy for absorb the nutrition need like water, O2, Phosphor, Nitrogen, kalium, Zn, Fe, and other micrinutrien compound. If macro and micronutrient compound can be good available to distribute to the leaf for photosintesys.

In conclusion, Organic is very important for the land. Organic substances have a lot of critical functional to the soil. It can improve the broken by the chemical product and it can improve the soil quality, for best agriculture, for your better life.

That’s all my speech. Thank you very much for your attention.

Wassalamu’alaikum wr. Wb.

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